How Is A Blocked Number Still Calling Me iPhone

Have you ever experienced the frustration of receiving calls from a blocked number on your iPhone? You may have thought blocking a number meant an end to unwanted calls, but somehow, these calls continue to slip through the cracks. It can be incredibly annoying and leave you wondering how a blocked number is still managing to call you. The good news is, there are reasons behind this phenomenon, and understanding them can help you take the necessary steps to stop these calls for good.

**Understanding Call Blocking on iPhone**

When you block a number on your iPhone, you expect the calls and texts from that number to be silenced. However, there are ways that blocked numbers can still reach you, much to your dismay. Understanding how this happens is crucial to finding a resolution to the problem.

One reason you may still be receiving calls from a blocked number is if the caller is using a feature called “Caller ID spoofing.” This technology allows the caller to mask their true phone number and display a different one on your caller ID. As a result, even though you may have blocked the original number, the spoofed number is able to get through.

Another possibility is that the calls are coming through a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, which is not always effectively blocked by iPhone’s built-in call blocking feature. Additionally, if the caller is using a different phone or SIM card, they may be able to bypass the block.

**Steps to Stop Calls from Blocked Numbers**

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to put an end to the persistent calls from blocked numbers on your iPhone. One effective method is to report the nuisance calls to your carrier. Many carriers have services in place to help you block unwanted calls and can also assist in identifying and stopping spoofed calls.

Another option is to utilize third-party call blocking apps that offer more robust features than iPhone’s native call blocking. These apps can help combat spoofed calls and provide additional layers of protection against unwanted communication. They often have extensive databases of known spam and scam numbers, helping you avoid falling victim to fraudulent calls.

Furthermore, Apple frequently updates its iOS software to enhance call blocking capabilities and address any loopholes that may allow blocked numbers to get through. By keeping your iPhone’s software up to date, you can benefit from these improvements and strengthen your defense against unwanted calls.


Dealing with calls from a blocked number on your iPhone can be exasperating, but understanding how it happens and knowing the steps to take can empower you to reclaim control of your communication. By reporting unwanted calls, using third-party call blocking apps, and staying current with system updates, you can significantly reduce the chances of blocked numbers disrupting your peace and quiet. It’s an ongoing battle, but with the right strategy and tools, you can minimize the intrusion of unwanted calls and enjoy a more peaceful mobile experience.

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