How to reset galaxy buds pro without app

If you’re a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to reset them without the app. Whether it’s due to connectivity issues or you simply don’t have access to the app at the moment, resetting your Galaxy Buds Pro without the app is entirely possible. In this article, we will guide you through the process of resetting your Galaxy Buds Pro without the need for the app, ensuring that you can get back to enjoying your wireless audio experience in no time.

**How to Reset Galaxy Buds Pro Without App**

*Step 1: Prepare Your Galaxy Buds Pro*

Before you proceed with the reset process, make sure that your Galaxy Buds Pro are fully charged. It’s essential to have enough battery power to ensure a smooth reset. If your Galaxy Buds Pro are not charged, place them in the charging case and connect the case to a power source using the USB-C charging cable.

*Step 2: Insert Galaxy Buds Pro into the Charging Case*

Once your Galaxy Buds Pro are fully charged, carefully place them back into the charging case. Ensure that the buds are properly seated in the case and that the case’s lid is securely closed.

*Step 3: Reset Your Galaxy Buds Pro*

With the Galaxy Buds Pro securely placed in the charging case, open the case’s lid. You will need to leave the lid open during the reset process, so make sure to position it accordingly.

Next, press and hold the touchpad on each of the Galaxy Buds Pro simultaneously for approximately 10 seconds. During this time, you will notice the LED indicator light on each bud flash red, indicating that the reset process has been initiated.

After holding down the touchpad for 10 seconds, release your fingers. The LED indicator lights should then turn off, signifying that the reset process has been completed. It’s important to note that the buds will automatically power on and enter pairing mode once the reset is successful.

*Step 4: Reconnect Your Galaxy Buds Pro*

Now that your Galaxy Buds Pro have been successfully reset, you can proceed to reconnect them to your desired device. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device, simply follow the standard pairing process to establish a connection with your Galaxy Buds Pro.


By following these simple steps, you can reset your Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro without the need for the app. Whether you’re troubleshooting connectivity issues or preparing to pair your buds with a new device, this guide ensures that you can easily reset your Galaxy Buds Pro. Remember to keep your buds charged and follow the reset process carefully to ensure a seamless experience.

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